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amona protestors

  • המכה היהודית היהודית Through the Eyes of the Amona Protestors


    Thousands arrived Tuesday and camped out, by Wednesday morning's Supreme Court decision, most have packed up their tents and sleeping bags and headed for the nine building slated for destruction.

    Protestors continue to stream toward Amona, having cut through local Arab villages and back roads. They are met by a line of Border Police with clubs who chase after and beat anyone who attempted to cross the line. Many succeeded nonetheless. Musician sings and encourages protestors following the announcement that the Supreme Court rejected the Yesha Council's offer to destroy the houses on their own and that thousands of troops are on their way. Protestors choosing passive-resistance locked arms and surrounded the homes. Whole families came together to protest, not imagining the level of violence that would be used by the police...

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